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One of the biggest cities in the country, Houston is situated along Texas’ expansive Gulf coast, which is divided by miles of canals. The Port of Houston, one of the biggest in the nation, handles more cargo by weight than any other port in the United States. Because container and freight transportation and commerce take up the majority of the port, there is only one cruise terminal. Ships from many different nations land in Houston to unload their cargo for later distribution, while goods from Houston are shipped to ports all around the world.

Ports are busy, hazardous locations for the workers that occupy them. Working at the Port of Houston exposes you to occupational dangers and the potential for incidents that might result in serious or fatal injuries. You should be aware that federal maritime regulations are in place to guarantee you obtain the money you need to recover financially from an accident if you are exposed to these sorts of workplace dangers. Rely on a Houston maritime lawyer to guide you through the legal system.

The Port of Houston

The Port of Houston is the largest and busiest of the 18 ports in the state of Texas. Additionally, it is one of the biggest and most significant ports in the nation, importing and exporting the most cargo by tonnage. Although there is one cruise terminal here, the port is mostly used for shipping containers and goods. The port, which is 25 miles long, excels in handling breakbulk freight.


Over 8,000 shipping boats and more than 200 million tonnes of cargo are transported through the Port of Houston annually. Over one million employments are supported in the state by the port, which also houses 150 different private businesses in addition to the public shipping facilities. Modern in design, the Bayport cruise terminal serves as the departure point for Norwegian and Princess cruise ships.

Legal Rights for Houston Maritime Workers

The aforementioned instances highlight how hazardous marine vocations are. Shipping, navigation, and the loading and unloading of cargo can all go wrong in a variety of ways, with fatal results. Maritime employment is risky because of everything that might go wrong, including broken container cranes that dump their huge contents, harmful chemical spills, falls into the ocean or onto hard surfaces, and other potential hazards. Accidents can result in minor wounds, serious wounds, life-changing wounds, and even fatalities. And you have a claim to compensation if you were involved in one of these incidents and suffered the consequences.


You must rely on the assistance of a professional, preferably someone with expertise assisting other marine employees in recovering unpaid wages, to help you obtain that compensation. Although maritime law is designed to protect you, it can be challenging to understand all of the varied rules that are relevant to various sorts of personnel and circumstances. If you have a Houston maritime attorney on your side, taking against your employer or an insurance provider will be a lot simpler. You can obtain all the money you are entitled to from someone like this, which is essential for recovering from an illness and returning to work.

Maritime Accidents in Houston

In 1947, the Houston region saw its most catastrophic catastrophe, which occurred nearby in the tiny Port of Texas City. Because of an internal fire that overheated the substantial load of highly explosive ammonium nitrate fertilizer, a French cargo ship detonated. Hundreds of people died in the explosion even though the ship had been evacuated. Because of the size of the explosion, thousands of people were hurt and died at the port.

Not every disaster that has happened in or near Houston is as disastrous as a large explosion. All too frequently, several little events result in damage, injuries, and occasionally even worker fatalities. One instance happened in 2015 when a worker fell into a ship’s cargo hold. He needed to be lifted out using a crane and sent to the hospital for treatment of his severe wounds. Another instance included a barge that nearly collided with an electricity tower, luckily no significant electrical injuries were sustained. By closing the shipping route while repairs were being completed, actually cost money.

Ask a Houston Maritime Attorney: When Does Maritime Law Apply?

Why You Need a Houston Maritime and Offshore Injury Attorney

Generally speaking, workers who suffer accidents while carrying out employment activities offshore are protected by the law under marine law. However, whether they suffer injuries while working on offshore oil rigs, cargo ships, commercial fishing vessels, or any other kind of watercraft on the sea, maritime law is applicable because they are technically beyond the purview of Texas state law.

Maritime employees frequently encounter a variety of occupational risks, including environmental conditions harsh weather, sun exposure, and rough seas. They frequently operate industrialized boats built for specific purposes, which frequently requires them to be in close proximity to or operate heavy gear and specialized equipment. Because of this, serious injuries including burns, weather-related and drowning injuries, injuries from heavy machinery and explosions, and many more types are frequent.

Why You Need a Houston Maritime and Offshore Injury Attorney

A Houston maritime attorney with experience managing your particular kind of case is essential if you are dealing with any kind of legal matter. An injury claim made under maritime law, for instance, differs greatly from a typical personal injury claim.

What Our Houston Maritime and Offshore Injury Attorneys Can Do For You

It may be challenging to navigate any kind of civil action when you do not have solid legal counsel on your side. This is especially true in cases concerning maritime law, which is detailed and intricate. Houston Injury Lawyers, PLLC’s marine injury lawyers have years of expertise defending clients in a variety of difficult civil situations, including those that come under the scope of maritime law.

Finally, the Houston Injury Lawyers, PLLC team wants to give you the thorough and timely legal advice you can rely on so you may approach your case with more assurance. We will do all within our power to maximize your rehabilitation because we are aware of the unpredictability and worry that will inevitably accompany any offshore injury.

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