Gitray – Easy Project Navigation on GitHub

 Gitray is a web application for viewing the files of a project on GitHub by emulating a text editor with a project directory tree. Author’s motivation:

    I found that I wanted a quick way to view a project without having to clone it and open it in Sublime. Navigating the GitHub site can be disorienting if it’s a large project. There may be a faster solution or alternative to what you wanted but it was a joy to work with the github api anyway

To use it, they can go to and enter a project’s URL on GitHub or directly replace “” with “” in a project’s url and run it in their browser.

Example – by:

The code can also be cloned and run on your machine as a Node.


The limitations of the project -for now- are:

    It does not have authentication, so private projects cannot be viewed
    You can only see the master branch of a project
    It has no search

It is an interesting project that can be used to quickly navigate a project and see above what it brings. Quite practical and simple, you can see its source code on GitHub.

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