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At work we are testing bug tracking systems, bug tracker, or bug tracking system, various ways of naming the same thing. In a software project, it is essential to keep track of errors in the code, even says Joel. It is very useful to maintain quality in our software, especially during the development stage, but it can also be used for our users to report bugs found.

For now we have been using free software for practically everything. The most unique thing that comes to mind now is the Flash plugin for Firefox. Therefore the license influences a lot when choosing this application as well.

Mantis From several I’ve been looking at, the two current candidates are:

Mantis – In PHP compatible with MySQL, PostgreSQL and MS SQL databases. GPL license, therefore free software.

It is the one we have been testing the most at the moment. I guess because of its easy installation, it did not take more than a few minutes. The typical installation of a CMS in the best WordPress style and its installation of 5 minutes, in a LAMP environment.

Trac – In Python, integrated with a wiki, with SQLite, MySQL (experimental) or Postgre databases. BSD license, free software too.

Trac is apparently much more complete, but it is the one that we have least tested. I barely got to install it and little else. I have an idea that it is quite popular, and brings integration with Subversion “out-of-the-box”, which gives it a point in favor.

At first I was complicated installing it, but I ended up with a:

apt-get install trac

That although he did not install the latest version, he left it running.

Important that both can be integrated with Subversion, and have a wiki or integration with a wiki. As I mentioned, trac comes with both by default, and in Mantis it takes a bit of configuration. We have been using a local DokuWiki installation with a lot of documentation, so it also throws the idea that Mantis can be integrated with it, although it apparently takes some PHP programming.

We still need to test them a little more, and see which of the two best suits the needs and comfort of the development team. I take this post to ask readers, what bug tracking system do you use? Which one would you recommend and why?

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